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Dear Fish

we have returned in Italy.

I wish to thank you for the assistance received and hope I will have the chance to work together again.

Also I would like to thank you for the special guide (Tom) provided to my group.

He is a very skilled and kind person and everybody appreciated him.

All the best



Fujian Tours

Xiamen Day Tour
 Xiamen City & Gulang Yu Island One Day Tour  
 Xiamen Gulangyu Island Half-day tour 
 Quanzhou One Day Culture Tour (Ex Xiamen) 
 Anxi One Day Tea Tour (ex Xiamen) 
 Zhangzhou Daimei Traditional Village & Coastal Volcano Park One Day Tour
 Yongchun One Day Vinegar and Incense Tour

Tulou Day Tour(Ex Xiamen)
 Fujian Tulou One Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)  
 Nanjing Fujian Tulou One Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)    
 Huaan Tulou(Eryilou)One Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)    
 Yongding Hakka Tulou One Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)    

Mount.Wuyi/Fuzhou DayTour(Ex Wuyishan and Fuzhou)
 Nine Bend Stream & Dahongpao One Day Tour (Ex Wuyishan)   
 Xiamei Ancient Village & Qinglong Waterfall One Day Tour (Ex Wuyishan)   
 Fuzhou City One Day Tour (Ex Fuzhou) 

Tulou Mini Tour
 Fujian Tulou 2-Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)  
 Fujian Tulou 3-Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)  
 Xiamen-Fujian Tulou 3-Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)    

Mount.Wuyi Mini Tour
Mount. Wuyi 3-Day Tour     
Fujian Tulou-Mount. Wuyi 4-Day Tour 

Indepth Tour
 Xiamen-Fujian Tulou 5-Day Tour    
 Xiamen-Fujian Tulou 4-Day Tour    
 Xiamen-Fujian Tulou-Mount. Wuyi 5-day tour    
 FJ001 (Classic Fujian, 7 days)    
 FJ002 (Classic Fujian, 8 days)    
 FJ003 Meixuan-Chaozhou-Shantou-Quanzhou-Xiamen,7D.    

XMGF01 Xiamen Golf 4-Day Tours


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