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Dear, Fish
We wanted to share our pleasure with the tour. Ann was a wonderful tour guide, kind, knowledgeable and engaging. We so enjoyed our time spent with her.....Read More

Teddi Dunham

DiscoverFujian-Your Gateway to Fujian and China
As one of the best China tour operators based in Fujian, DiscoverFujian provides wide range of products and services for Fujian (including Xiamen,Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Fujian Tulou, Mount. Wuyi and Kinmen)and China destinations at a lower price and better value. These products range from economical group travel packages to luxury private travel packages, day tours, mini tours, flight and hotel reservation in Fujian and China,More about us
The province of Fujian, in south-east China, is still relatively unknown among Western tourists, but contains many fascinating sights...More
Better known to the West as 'Amoy' is one of the most pleasant in China, and contains attractive colonial buildings from its time as a concession port ... Read More
Fujian Tulou (Earth Building)
Inscribed in 2008 by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, Fujian Tulou is representative of a unique style of Chinese communal architecture. The oldest one is over 1200 years old and still stands today...Read More
Mount Wuyi
Listed as World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site, Mount. Wuyi contains impressive mountain scenery with numerous temples and monasteries ... Read More
Once a great port city on the maritime silk road, Quanzhou is often compared with Xian for its importance in ancient trade and cultural richness ... Read More
Only an hour away from Xiamen by boat, Kinmen is recognized as a national park. Because of its military importance.. Read More
Lying in the middle and lower reaches of the Hanjiang River of Guangdong Province, Chaozhou is a famous national historical and cultural city in South China.Read More
Meizhou is located in the northeast of Guangdong Province, bordering Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces. The municipality is named after its rich resources of plum blossoms (in Chinese, Mei means plum blossoms). .. Read More
Shantou is located in southeast of Guangdong, China, adjacent to the South China Sea. It is known as "the gateway of east Nanling Mountains and the communication hub of Southeast China.. Read More
Xiamen Day Tour(Ex Xiamen)
Xiamen City & Gulang Yu Island One Day Tour   
Tulou Day Tour(Ex Xiamen)
Hua'an Tulou One Day Tour  
Yongding Hakka Tulou One Day Tour  
Fujian Tulou One Day Tour  
Nanjing Fujian Tulou One Day Tour  
Mount.Wuyi Day Tour(Ex Wuyishan)
Xiamei Ancient Village and Nine-Bend Stream One Day Tour     
Quanzhou/Fuzhou/Anxi Day Tour
 Fuzhou City One Day Tour    
 Quanzhou One Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)    
 Anxi One Day Tour(ex Xiamen)   
Tulou Mini Tour
 Fujian Tulou 2-Day Tour (Ex Xiamen)    
 Fujian Tulou 3-day in-depth tour    
Mount.Wuyi Mini Tour
Mount. Wuyi 3-Day Tour     
Mount. Wuyi 4-Day Tour  
In-Depth Tour
  FJ001Classic Fujian(Xiamen-Mt.Wuyi-Fuzhou-Quanzhou7D/6N)
  FJ003 Meixuan-Chaozhou-Shantou-Quanzhou-Xiamen,7D.   

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Fujian Golf
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Lujiang Hotel
Xiamen Hotel (3 Star)
United Hotel
Huaxia Hotel
Fuzhou Hotel
Hot Spring Hotel
Ramada Hotel
Fuzhou Hotel
Kingston Hotel
Quanzhou Hotel
Quanzhou Hotel
Mandarin Hotel
Overseas Chinese Hotel
Mount Wuyi Hotel
Yeohwa Hotel
Wang Feng Hotel
Yongding Hotel
Fuyulou Inn
Weiqunlou Inn
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Capital of Hakka Resort
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